The OG Authors

Over the last month, I’ve been spending more time thinking about the authors that I grew up reading, like Zane and L.A. Banks, to name a few.

When I committed to writing back in 2016, I aspired to be like them when it came to my work. Clearly, I ain’t going to cut it.

For one, I feel that my writing is still lacking. To improve, I have decided to take a few more writing courses. And I will (COVID willing, lol) be attending the 20Books to Vegas this November for the first time, which I am super excited about.

Also, I don’t write too much outside of the IR Romance genre.

Well, I don’t have much published outside of said genre. This led me to the heart of that matter, which is that in this day and age, and the way I chose to pay the bills (as an online English tutor) I can’t write the stories that I want to under K. McCoy.

So I won’t.

After coming to terms with that decision, I decided to focus on sorting out my wip folders, and I almost fell over at the number of unfinished stories inside!

As of today, I have 18 NOVELS that are labelled as ‘works in progress’.

For the stories that I will write under K.McCoy, that number becomes 12.

Just NOVELS folks! I’m not including the one shots or novellas.

After doing that, I was seriously wondering how did my favorite OG authors write all of their works? I had spent so much time romanticizing their struggles, wishing that I could write in the same type of environment that they did, that I almost became ungrateful for the technology that I have at my disposal.

Having to look for a usb? Ha!

Sounds way better than looking for 3 or 4 pages missing from a 300 page manuscript.

Book formatting denied again by Smashwords? Pfff!

Loads better than having to submit my stories by post.

Figuring out my own marketing and social content schedule each month? And?!

Easily less stressful than having the fate of my work in the hands of a publishing company with several other authors to manage.

So, yeah, I am going to keep at it.

No one said that being an indie author would ever be easy anyway.

Though I do have it on good authority that being an indie author, learning as I go, with the help of my fellow author network and readers that like my work – all of that makes it so worth it!

Continue reading, continue writing, continue loving the process.

– K. McCoy

K. McCoy, Screenshot of Future MAGIX (IG) Reel


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