Dear ______ Readers…

The featured image is click bait, and I am NOT sorry for using it!

Besides, I write romance and think it is high time that more guys join the chat and admit to enjoying a romance read too!

Now I’m starting to see why most authors find a genre and stick with it.

I love writing romance.

Though I now have stories that spread out of the general romance box and am trying to find out how to label them for future readers. It is really starting to stress me out!

My catalog right now is…okay.

With each new published work, I feel like I’m finding my footing within this indie author journey.

That’s great!

Though after doing an author inventory and realizing what my release work will look like in the next few months, I decided to start working on which sub genres some of these stories would be classified under.

Ya’ll…I am confusion!

Over the pass few days I’ve been working on writing blurbs for each of the stories, and that helped a little. Though now I turn to you wonderful (and hopefully wiser, lol) readers.

Here is a bit of an idea of what I have on my release bucket within the next year:

More MAGIX (eyeroll at this obvious mention, lol)!

An AA (Contemporary?) Romance (not entirely clean, but not Sweet Seducing Sighs smoochie times either).

A Second Chance (?), Star Crossed (?) BWAM Romance (both with their respected BFFs and somewhat k-drama inspired villains’).

And my very first attempt at a novel (my first ‘baby’), A Coming of Age, Music (Industry) based story, set in the South.

Again, I love writing romance, so there are elements of that in all of these stories. Though nowadays, readers want to know more about what they are walking into when it comes to reading a story and I want to deliver that aspect. I’m just not sure what sub genre these stories will fall into!

I would love to know what you all think, so feel free to leave a comment.

Or if any of these future releases have you curious and you’d love to be apart of the journey to see it published, join us over at The Stories Stations.

Until next time readers!

“Continue reading, continue writing, continue loving the process.”

-K. McCoy

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Author. Blogger. Aspiring Photographer. Creative Freelancer. Podcaster. Not looking to take over the world, just to explore as much of it as I can and share how I feel through each creative medium that makes me happy.

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