‘A Dove’s Cry’ Journey

Well, it is SO offical!

I have gone live with the start of my first AA Romance novel, A Dove’s Cry.

I wrote the rough draft of this story last November, and what was suppose to be a one shot during Nanowrimo soon turned into a novel. So I decided to use it to kick off my main writing genre – Romance.

This story…ya’ll…every time I found myself reading it I just end up like this:

The characters! The story! The LOVE!

I love it all!

So much so that I pushed back the release of the next installments to MAGIX in hopes of getting it to you all this December. Here’s a video that I shared about A Dove’s Cry and why/how I plan to have the novel published in the next few months.

Soon I’ll start sharing excerpts from the novel over on Ko-fi, but for now I wanted to leave you all with the first inspo collage that I made for the story.

A Dove’s Cry, by K. McCoy

I really hope you all enjoy this story in December.

“Continue reading, continue writing, continue loving the process.”



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