Doves Cry – Squad up!

To say I’ve been busy these last two weeks would be an understatement.

Your favorite indie author has been hard at work – editing, working, and trying to revive older wips.

Surprisingly, editing was the easiest of the trio.

Though once I figured out a way to make reviving my wip work, that fell into place.

And I’m lucky enough to enjoy what I do for a living, but I feel the need for a mini break coming on. Like, just a quick four day weekend that would allow me to disconnect from the internet completely would be so nice.

By now you’re probably wondering why I haven’t gotten to the title of this post – well here it is: The rough draft AND first round of self edits for Doves Cry Too are complete.

I know, I can’t believe that I managed to get that much done with the sequel of A Dove’s Cry either, lol

(Side note – you might wanna go ahead and get your read on with that one, because…)

The goal is to release this sequel before Winter. So I’m putting all my positive energy out into the universe to make that happen. Things are looking promising, but I’ll know by the end of July if everything is a go.

In the meantime, I have a treat (or two) to share with you sweet readers!

Blurb for Dove’s Cry Too, by K. McCoy (2022)

That first line may change (soon), but here’s the blurb for Doves Cry Too!

And if you want to get caught up on Jerome and Tasha’s story – here’s a sweet excerpt for you to check out!

Thanks for visiting my corner of the internet and happy reading!

– K. McCoy


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