Happy National Paperback Day!

I love celebrating days that mark a new path in my author journey.

And today’s celebration was a long time coming!

I’d talked about it several times on this blog, and had to push it back for one reason or another. No more!

With great pleasure, I am happy to announce that A Dove’s Cry is now available in print!

My first novel is finally out for the world to enjoy as a paperback.

After all my editing woes and frustrating formatting issues – my baby is taking their first steps out into the world as a ‘proper’ book.

Making the announcement on National Paperback Day seemed only fitting. Plus, it (indirectly) gave me a goal to get this project done, and for that I am extra grateful. Everything else came down to patience and luck.

IngramSpark was having a free setup special last month, which helped me save some coin. A friend was able to format the PDF for me at an affordable price. I already had the book cover, because the book has been available as an ebook for some time now. And I gave myself lots of grace, as I was getting this project done during Camp Nano.

Now I am trying to extend that patience once more towards waiting for the book to be delivered to where I live. And of course I’m going to be recording the unboxing, so if you aren’t subscribed to my YouTube channel already you might want to do that now.

And for all you sweet subscribers to The Stories Station, I have an extra surprise for y’all!

Be sure to check my next email on the 15th to find out what it is.

If you want in on the surprise, be sure to sign up for The Stories Station today by clicking here.

And thank you for celebrating another cool milestone with me!

Continue reading, continue writing, continue loving the process.

-K. McCoy


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Author. Blogger. Aspiring Photographer. Creative Freelancer. Podcaster. Not looking to take over the world, just to explore as much of it as I can and share how I feel through each creative medium that makes me happy.

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