Hello (Books) Romance Readers!

I decided to bring this summer to a close by offering A Dove’s Cry to all you romance readers for Free99!

So if you’re looking to round out your TBR list, or want to dive right into this sweet read, then click on the link here.

Once you do that you’ll be taken to the Hello Books website.

This read is only available for free at the link until Sunday, August 29th, so make sure to check it out now!

Never heard of Hello Books? No worries! Here’s a little bit more info:

Hello Books is a brand new service delivering curated weekly lists of free and discounted books to hungry readers all around the globe. Whether you’re after a page-turning thriller, a steamy romance or an epic adventure across the stars, our hand-picked selections of bestsellers will be perfectly tailored to your tastes. You’ll never be without a new book again! 

Sign up completely free at www.hellobooks.com.

Once you’ve picked up and read A Dove’s Cry, make sure to join us over at The Stories Stations for more behind the scenes news, a cute playlist inspired by the story, and some oh so sweet snippets.

Happy reading, and don’t forget –

Continue reading, continue writing, and continue loving the process!

-K. McCoy


Published by K. McCoy

Author. Blogger. Aspiring Photographer. Creative Freelancer. Podcaster. Not looking to take over the world, just to explore as much of it as I can and share how I feel through each creative medium that makes me happy.

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