How was 20BooksVegas…Again?


In a word, Vegas was incredible!

There wasn’t any Martinelli’s to be had, so this awesome gif will have to do.

I was more prepared for what to expect when it comes to the 20BooksVegas schedule. Still not prepared financially. Which sucks, but I have (another) plan.

It’s time for me to get in front of the bull when it comes to paying for my conference ticket, flight, and hotel. No more paying the late paupers tax from waiting to take care of things!

And in order to make that happen, I’ve decided to spend all of December working. You all know by now that that’s all I do when I’m not authoring, but this holiday season I’m putting my foot back on the gas pedal and working the max!

Starting with teaching gig #1. I’ve put in a request to work extra early am shifts.

Also with teaching gig #2. I’ve re-opened my schedule during the day, in hopes of getting a few new monthly students for test preping.

And (sighs) as for teaching gig #3… As much as I’d like to part ways with it, I need to stay on. At least for the next four months.

Conference tickets go on sale on Monday, January 2nd, 2023, and I plan on being up early with my partner in writing crime (my accountability partner, lol). That way we can both get our tickets and booths together!

You read that right – ya girl is going to have an author booth for next year’s 20BooksVegas!

I’ll be talking more about R.A.V.E. once it’s all confirmed, but the plan is simple enough – work all the hours I can in December, then in January buy my conference ticket and author booth.

The week after that I’ll let my Found card recover for a bit before putting the deposit down on my stay at Horseshoe (formerly known as Bally’s). Again, we’ll talk more about that next year.

For now, just know that your favorite indie author is in the game to win!

Happy reading and writing y’all 🙂

Continue reading, continue writing, and continue loving the process!

-K. McCoy


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Author. Blogger. Aspiring Photographer. Creative Freelancer. Podcaster. Not looking to take over the world, just to explore as much of it as I can and share how I feel through each creative medium that makes me happy.

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