BTO Conference Recap!

Hello Spring!

I got to kick off the Spring season in Maryland. Chesapeake, to be exact.

Months ago I applied to be a presenter/speaker for the Bay to Ocean Conference and was accepted! What did my class cover?

Here’s a lovely restroom selfie of me before attending a class.

As a speaker, I was able to enjoy the conference by attending classes and had a nice college lunch too!

Before speaking, I attended a morning class about Co-writing (co-authoring) by Emily Johnson and Elizabeth Kasper, and in the afternoon I got to learn a little more about the Practice of Translation by Nathan D. Horowitz. Both passion led and full of useful information that I can’t wait to use in my future wips someday!

Not going to lie, I was nervous about going to this event. It’s been some time since I’ve instructed in person and I felt I would be a little rusty. But it really is like riding a bike – the minute I said hello, everything I was worried about just went to the back of my mind and I went on with engaging and leading the conversation like I normally would in a class.

Shout out to Canva!

I wasn’t expecting more than ten people to show up, and when I saw that I had eight folks in my class five minutes before start time, I logged into my Canva account and created QR Codes of the checklist/worksheet/notes that I had made copies of. So for the more tech savvy students, I was able to share the code at the beginning of my presentation and hand out copies to those that preferred to write during the class.

Everyone was so kind and really participated during the class – I loved it!

So, thank you ESWA (Eastern Shore Writers Association) and BTO for having me. Being at this conference was a great experience and I would highly recommend other writers attend in the future.

“Continue reading, continue writing, and continue loving the process!”



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