Hell Hath No Fury!

HELL HATH NO FURY: A Romance Anthology for Reproductive Rights Release Date: October 18 Hell Hath No Fury is an anthology of short stories from some of your favorite authors, featuring strong female leads. One hundred percent of the proceeds are going toward charities fighting for our reproductive rights and protecting women’s bodily autonomy throughoutContinue reading “Hell Hath No Fury!”

Kickstarter of the Summer!

Authors – listen! If you want to get serious about your authorship and aren’t sure where to start, please consider backing this Kickerstarter. I love having my Author Planner, because there are lots of aspects of being an indie author that I used to overlook, simply because I didn’t know how how important they were.Continue reading “Kickstarter of the Summer!”

Virtual Spring Writing Retreat

Happy Spring y’all! Yeah, I’m not a fan of Winter, and I am so happy to send all my love to the season of sunny days and scattered rain showers. Now, let’s get to business, shall we? I’ll be instructing a few classes later this month for a virtual writing retreat and wanted to shareContinue reading “Virtual Spring Writing Retreat”

Signs You Are Not Ready to Self-Publish Part 4: You Are Afraid Someone Will Steal Your Idea

Originally posted on The PBS Blog:
One of the first signs that someone is new to publishing is their obsession with copyright. Everyone at some point thinks about ways to protect what they have built, but obsessing over the possibility of someone stealing your work is one sure way of waving your hands in a…

Aspiring Voice Actor!

Yes, I am taking on another freelancing project. I blame the pandemic! Though, in all seriousness, this is something I have always wanted to give a try. And the minute I put it into the universe last week an opportunity presented itself. I’m calling it kismet luck! Yep, I am now setting up a pageContinue reading “Aspiring Voice Actor!”