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Information on MCCOYREADS for the book ‘Move The Needle’ (2022)

Saturday, January 22nd, 2022

Move The Needle


This was my first read by author Christian Cashelle, and I can promise you that it will not be my last!

Since reading the tagline on the book cover (In matters of the heart, everyone wants a return on their investment), I was intrigued by the story of Sage and Pierre.

Both characters are entrepreneurs that have dismissed the notion of a romantic relationship in their lives. Their first meeting is rocky, but over time, the two connect over their love of music and mutual respect for one another professionally.

Within the first few chapters, I was invested in Sage – she was determined, smart, and loves her family. As for Pierre, I found him refreshing – he is a bit ornery at first, but his confidence is warranted and he also values his family.

Cashelle manages to bring to light fully developed characters in this novella, all while touching on many serious subjects (grief, loss, and self-care, to name a few). And her writing style is one to keep the reader of this story wanting more.

I truly enjoyed the pacing in this story and liked the subtle pop culture references throughout. At one point I found myself writing down a few of the songs mentioned (I’m a sucker for new sounds and a good playlist)!

Overall, if you are looking for a ‘grown folks’ kind of love story, minus the explicit sex scenes (but heavy on the exploration of love), this read is for you.

MCCOYREADS Stats for the book ‘Move The Needle’ (2022)

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Information on MCCOYREADS for the book ‘Green’ (2022)

Saturday, March 12th, 2022



I’m back! Fresh after reading Green, a novel by Shareeka Elliott.

Let me start off by telling you all that this is a NOVEL, okay?

A whole two hundred and thirty-nine (239) page read, so keep that in mind before getting your copy of this story.

I personally love taking a whole day to read so this was right up my alley.

Green tells the story of Christian Adams and Evander King, both moguls in their own right that are brought together due to an embezzlement that takes place within Adam’s Accounting, a top tier accounting firm that Christian Adams has built with her closest friends and has been in charge of for years.

Evander King, a client of Adam’s Accounting that has been the victim of said embezzlement, wants his money and is all set to get it. Though after laying eyes on Christian Adams, Evander finds himself wanting more than the funds that were stolen from his company.

I loved the build up to these two characters’ first interaction, but as I am all for sisterhood and bad ass heroines, meeting the women that also worked to make Adam’s Accounting what it is was a treat! I especially enjoyed the characters Monica James and Jasmine Brown. The way their history was shared in the beginning of the story was well done and provided a great springboard into all the drama that unfolds.

Yes! You read right – this story is full of drama in the best way. Up to the last few chapters, I left wondering who, what, and why – refusing to go to bed until I got answers.

Most novels I tend to read in my head as though they are movies, but with Green I almost immediately pictured it playing out as a mini series. The intrigue, characters, and ending demanded that much from me and I’m sure it will for anyone else that gives this story a read.

Though I may be in the minority about a few things from this story. With such a strong introduction into the characters, I felt during the later chapters that several sentences mentioning their traits and why they were important was redundant. Also, I am not afraid to ‘work for my supper’ so to speak, so having the majority of nuances between the more peak drama scenes written in was disappointing. I would have loved to have seen that attention to detail given to several of the more sensual love scenes instead.

Also, the resolution was not as consistent with a few of the characters from this story. I did enjoy the ending, but felt that key characters were all together abandoned and not given closure after reading their climatic scenes.

Altogether, Green does an exceptional job of touching on the many struggles that black women with high profiling careers have when subjects such as envy, jealousy, and matters of the heart are involved.

Information on MCCOYREADS for the book ‘Green’ (2022)

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Thursday, April 28th, 2022

The Last Bachelor Left


Where to I even begin?

Let’s just dive in at the beginning, when I knew – KNEW I wasn’t going to be a fan of the main male lead of this story!

The Last Bachelor Left, by Christian Cashelle, starts off with a double date gone down bad. Our male lead is Julius Harris, the cousin of Pierre Harris, one of the main characters from Move the Needle (the first review from Dynamic Image Publications!). It’s teased at (among other things, but one issue at a time, lol) towards the end of Move the Needle that when it comes to love, Julius ‘Ju’ Harris is not the one.

Or the two, as he finds himself between two women in this read. Up first is Nicole, the secretary at his company, Harris Trucking and Construction, who I adore. Her character reminded me of so many women that I grew up admiring and her approach to love is one I’ve seen and heard time and time again – give the man all their desires and they will soon be yours forever. Though at his parent’s anniversary party, Julius’ past comes back big time when Tessica King – his first taste of heartbreak – strolls up in the spot.

After a brief trip down memory lane (as this is a novella), Julius is juggling and toying with these women’s feelings in the worst way. In my opinion, he suffers from what I call ‘That Jay-ishitis’.

Just as Jay from the famous hit HBO show thought he was a ‘good guy’ who had been done wrong, Julius makes similar choices and in the end half heartily / half assingly admits to that, before finally making a choice.

It’s been a minute since I’ve read a character that I loved to loathe, but Cashelle wrote Julius so well that I found myself flipping through this story just to see what he would (allow) do next.

The two women were complete opposites – one a self absorbed and entitled baby, who realized that not everything on paper is as good as it looks. The other, looking to commit and with high hopes that with being always willing and available would finally get their hearts desire to do so with them – brought two different blends of drama that made this read hard to put down!

I loved how to even the very end I was left wondering what is next for these characters. Not to spoil anything for you readers, but this story has one of the most realistic endings that I’ve read in some time.

Again, Christian Cashelle did the thing with novella!

Pick up your copy of The Last Bachelor Left here, and don’t forgot to use the code ‘MCCOYREADS’ to get 10% off your purchase today!

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