Hello (Books) Romance Readers!

I decided to bring this summer to a close by offering A Dove’s Cry to all you romance readers for Free99!

So if you’re looking to round out your TBR list, or want to dive right into this sweet read, then click on the link here.

Once you do that you’ll be taken to the Hello Books website.

This read is only available for free at the link until Sunday, August 29th, so make sure to check it out now!

Never heard of Hello Books? No worries! Here’s a little bit more info:

Hello Books is a brand new service delivering curated weekly lists of free and discounted books to hungry readers all around the globe. Whether you’re after a page-turning thriller, a steamy romance or an epic adventure across the stars, our hand-picked selections of bestsellers will be perfectly tailored to your tastes. You’ll never be without a new book again! 

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Once you’ve picked up and read A Dove’s Cry, make sure to join us over at The Stories Stations for more behind the scenes news, a cute playlist inspired by the story, and some oh so sweet snippets.

Happy reading, and don’t forget –

Continue reading, continue writing, and continue loving the process!

-K. McCoy


Hell Hath No Fury!

HELL HATH NO FURY: A Romance Anthology for Reproductive Rights

Release Date: October 18

Hell Hath No Fury is an anthology of short stories from some of your favorite authors, featuring strong female leads. One hundred percent of the proceeds are going toward charities fighting for our reproductive rights and protecting women’s bodily autonomy throughout the United States.

Hell Hath No Fury will only be available in eBook and paperback for a limited time. Pre-order now!

Authors involved in this anthology:

Anne Malcom | Jessica Gadziala | BT Urruela | Willow Winters | Giana Darling | Carly Phillips | Danielle Pearl | Skye Warren | Sandy Alvarez | Serena Akeroyd | Clarissa Wild | Crystal Daniels | India R. Adams | Amelia Wilde | Cassandra Robbins | Dove Cavanaugh King | Kat T. Masen | Sierra Glass | LP Lovell | Piper Davenport | Jack Davenport | KL Donn | Nicole Blanchard | Nikki Belaire | Claire Hastings | Max Henry | Alexandria Bishop | Jenika Snow | Amie Knight | Anne Mercier | Anna Edwards | Cali Melle | Eden Summers | Susanne Valenti | C. Hallman | Hannah McBride | Anna B. Doe | Samantha Young | Ivy Fox | Bella Matthews | Sade Rena | Saffron A Kent | Evie Mitchell | Darcy Rose | Amelia Wilde | Susanne Valenti | Caroline Peckham | Sarah Bale | Dee Palmer

Pre-Order Links:

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3AxNOQ1

B&N: https://bit.ly/3IF3zH3

All other retailers: https://books2read.com/u/bp8orz

Goodreads Link:


Books are for Lovers

Happy Book Lover’s Day everyone!

For this special day, I wanted to take this time to introduce you sweet readers to a new (to be, lol) author. Their name is Jessica Terry and I am about ready to take the week off and dive head first into her book backlist!

Well, maybe not ‘dive’ but instead something like this:

Forehead Kiss is their latest book release and y’all – it’s so dang cute!

Here’s the blurb:

“How I met Cam – the love of my life, whether he knew it or not – could either be considered really cute or really embarrassing.”

Ever since Cam came to Nyla’s rescue, they’ve been best buds. Only thing is, Nyla keeps having various fantasies about her buddy that are anything but platonic.

When Cam starts dating her new roommate, Nyla starts to wonder if she should even continue the friendship, since seeing (and hearing) him with someone else is just too hard. She wants him to see her as a woman, not just the friend he feels obligated to protect.

But severing ties with Cam is way easier said than done. And there is a chance that she’s wrong about how he sees her. Will Nyla keep chickening out, or will she finally go for what she wants?

So this Book Lover’s Day, I highly encourage you all to check out this wonderful read! Once you do, let me know what you thought about it down in the comments.

Happy Reading!

Continue reading, continue writing, and continue loving the process!


Happy National Paperback Day!

I love celebrating days that mark a new path in my author journey.

And today’s celebration was a long time coming!

I’d talked about it several times on this blog, and had to push it back for one reason or another. No more!

With great pleasure, I am happy to announce that A Dove’s Cry is now available in print!

My first novel is finally out for the world to enjoy as a paperback.

After all my editing woes and frustrating formatting issues – my baby is taking their first steps out into the world as a ‘proper’ book.

Making the announcement on National Paperback Day seemed only fitting. Plus, it (indirectly) gave me a goal to get this project done, and for that I am extra grateful. Everything else came down to patience and luck.

IngramSpark was having a free setup special last month, which helped me save some coin. A friend was able to format the PDF for me at an affordable price. I already had the book cover, because the book has been available as an ebook for some time now. And I gave myself lots of grace, as I was getting this project done during Camp Nano.

Now I am trying to extend that patience once more towards waiting for the book to be delivered to where I live. And of course I’m going to be recording the unboxing, so if you aren’t subscribed to my YouTube channel already you might want to do that now.

And for all you sweet subscribers to The Stories Station, I have an extra surprise for y’all!

Be sure to check my next email on the 15th to find out what it is.

If you want in on the surprise, be sure to sign up for The Stories Station today by clicking here.

And thank you for celebrating another cool milestone with me!

Continue reading, continue writing, continue loving the process.

-K. McCoy

How’s Camp (Nano) Going?

Not well.

I just can’t seem to get the words this July.

But I do have a short story that I need to finish for an anthology. Like, it was suppose to be done WEEKS ago. I foolishly thought it was done, but after it was looked over by a few folx, it became clear that it was far from it.

So, in order to meet the 4k wordcount (which is the minimum y’all, lol), I’m going to read the critique that I received side by side as I work on re-writes.

I’ve never written for this genre before and am really hoping to make it into this anthology. You know, trying to challenge myself as a writer so that I continue to ‘hone my craft’ and all that jazz. Any who, here are my current stats for Camp:

K.McCoy’s Camp Nanowrimo word status (as of July 26th, 2022)

The goal was 30k for both editing and writing.

Clearly, that ain’t happening for either one, unless I fall into a serious writing zone trap over the weekend. But it’s okay. I’m just glad to still be focused on getting the words, sharing my stories, and still being passionate about my journey as a writer. That’s the real flex for me when it comes to participating in these challenges!

Now, let me get back to my 9 to 5.

Continue reading, continue writing, and continue loving the process!

-K. McCoy

Kickstarter of the Summer!

Authors – listen!

If you want to get serious about your authorship and aren’t sure where to start, please consider backing this Kickerstarter.

I love having my Author Planner, because there are lots of aspects of being an indie author that I used to overlook, simply because I didn’t know how how important they were.

Since getting my planner, I’ve become more intentional in more than my writing and I can’t wait for the new updates – especially looking forward to the app.

Backing this phenomenal project starts at $1, and I don’t need to tell y’all what a deal that is – click on the link below and see for yourselves!

Upgrades to The Ultimate Authorship Planner, by Audrey Hughey!

Crapped Out

With the first quarter of 2022 now behind us, I felt it neccsary to give y’all an update on my 20BooksVegas plans. Here’s what’s on the menu:

K. McCoy’s projected 20BooksVegas plans, lol

Welp, can’t say I didn’t try.

The estimated cost of this trip is simply too rich for my aching and poor bones. So, I’m going to get a virtual ticket and watch the videos of classes that I really wanted to sit in on that way instead.

What happened, you ask?

Well, this happened:

K. McCoy’s Bowker Collage

My Bowker expenses showed up and demanded their cut first, lol

It’s not funny, but it is true.

And none of these numbers include editing, book covers, or marketing.

With all the recent talks on social media, I’ve decided to step up my protection game and get as ahead of the self publishing curb as I can. Starting with buying the copyrights to all my future works in advance. Following that are the ISBNs and Barcodes, because I’m sick to the back of my wisdom teeth hearing folks go on and on about how they don’t buy ‘self published’ books.

So, it was nice planning my trip to Vegas but it’ll have to be in 2023.

I’ll for sure be attending events virtually though – hope to see a few of you authors and writers at those!

In the meantime, if you want to read a few romance short stories, see what’s next on my upcoming releases, or enjoy reading Sweet Seducing Sighs while listening to a ‘sweet’ curated playlist, be sure to join us over at The Stories Stations!

“Continue reading, continue writing, and continue loving the process.”


Doves Cry – Squad up!

To say I’ve been busy these last two weeks would be an understatement.

Your favorite indie author has been hard at work – editing, working, and trying to revive older wips.

Surprisingly, editing was the easiest of the trio.

Though once I figured out a way to make reviving my wip work, that fell into place.

And I’m lucky enough to enjoy what I do for a living, but I feel the need for a mini break coming on. Like, just a quick four day weekend that would allow me to disconnect from the internet completely would be so nice.

By now you’re probably wondering why I haven’t gotten to the title of this post – well here it is: The rough draft AND first round of self edits for Doves Cry Too are complete.

I know, I can’t believe that I managed to get that much done with the sequel of A Dove’s Cry either, lol

(Side note – you might wanna go ahead and get your read on with that one, because…)

The goal is to release this sequel before Winter. So I’m putting all my positive energy out into the universe to make that happen. Things are looking promising, but I’ll know by the end of July if everything is a go.

In the meantime, I have a treat (or two) to share with you sweet readers!

Blurb for Dove’s Cry Too, by K. McCoy (2022)

That first line may change (soon), but here’s the blurb for Doves Cry Too!

And if you want to get caught up on Jerome and Tasha’s story – here’s a sweet excerpt for you to check out!

Thanks for visiting my corner of the internet and happy reading!

– K. McCoy

Morning Campers!

Happy Camp Nanowrimo!

This is my first time taking part in Camp Nano – can you tell?

I decided last year to use Camp Nano to revisit some of my older works, you know, to see if I could revive them into proper stories. Maybe breath life into several novelettes, novellas, or…novels!

Though as I prepare to do that, the thought of re-reading the stories that I wrote prior to becoming a self published author is setting off my cringe alarms.

Maybe I should call this month ‘Camp Cringe’?

I’m going to try to reserve self-judgement until after I read my first three attempts at a novel. I mean, technically they ARE novels, I just didn’t have money for editing and shelved them (sorry of my life, I know, lol). One is a standalone music/coming of age (sound familiar?) story. I started working on the sequel to it back in the day but stopped because it got dark. Now I’m ready to go there – thinking of making it another long novel (50k+) by combining both stories.

Then there is my first attempt at a multi-characters story. It’s an AMBW, music, and romance story with a full fleshed out sequel! And when I decided to re-visit my work for Camp Nano, it was the first one that came to mind – really hoping I can salvage it y’all! The main reason why I shelved this one was that I thought no one besides me would want to read it. Back then, I really, really, REALLY wanted to share this story with the world because I thought it would be the first of its kind. Spolier alert – it ain’t, lol

I mean, the main plot would be (as far as I know) the first of it’s kind, but a AMBW romance novel is commonplace – I just didn’t know it back then. Now that I know that there are people who may want to read this story, I’m excited af to get to working on it again!

Be sure to join The Stories Stations for more details on the stories that I’m re-visiting this month, as well as a bonus excerpt to the ones that I’m going to move forward with publishing.

And happy Camp Nano to all you authors participating this April!

“Continue reading, continue writing, and continue loving the process!”

-K. McCoy

Words Can Sing Too!

Hello everyone!

I’ve decided to try something new to close out this month and feature a fellow author.

Tedra Gladney is new to the Romance genre, but not to writing, as she also writes fantasy and paranormal works.

Author Tedra Gladney

If you are a fan of novellas, go ahead and click here to sign up for Tedra Gladney’s newsletter today and receive a Free story!

Follow her over on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

And happy reading!