‘A Dove’s Cry’ Journey

Well, it is SO offical!

I have gone live with the start of my first AA Romance novel, A Dove’s Cry.

I wrote the rough draft of this story last November, and what was suppose to be a one shot during Nanowrimo soon turned into a novel. So I decided to use it to kick off my main writing genre – Romance.

This story…ya’ll…every time I found myself reading it I just end up like this:

The characters! The story! The LOVE!

I love it all!

So much so that I pushed back the release of the next installments to MAGIX in hopes of getting it to you all this December. Here’s a video that I shared about A Dove’s Cry and why/how I plan to have the novel published in the next few months.

Soon I’ll start sharing excerpts from the novel over on Ko-fi, but for now I wanted to leave you all with the first inspo collage that I made for the story.

A Dove’s Cry, by K. McCoy

I really hope you all enjoy this story in December.

“Continue reading, continue writing, continue loving the process.”


A Biased Review of ‘Chaos’

I come to you all today not as an author, but as a reader.

And I really only have one thing to say: Not enough folks are talking about Keta Kendric‘s Chaos series. That is low key upsetting me and my homegirls!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Keta Kendric over on The Stories Station last month and after our episode aired she was kind enough to send me this:

I’ll get into #TheLunchTImeChronicles at another time. There is another keychain, which is also for The Chaos Series (or Keta Kendric’s logo/writing genre, not 100% sure there) , but I now have that attached to my keys 🙂

Needlessly to say, I was beyond thrilled and wasted zero time reading each story over the weekend. I started with The Chaos series and… I was HOOKED!

It’s been far too long since I’ve read stories packed with this much lethal action, f-bombs, and ravishing, spicy love scenes.

For the sake of saving time, I’m going to share each title from their series and follow it up with a gif that best summarizes how I felt reading it, okay?

Beautiful Chaos

Quiet Chaos

Hidden Chaos

From the first pages of Beautiful Chaos to the last of Hidden Chaos, I was strapped in and along for the ride that Keta Kendric took me on with each of these stories! I floved the love stories that developed throughout the ‘business’ of The Syndicate and to be frank (without spoiling anything) – Keta, ma’am!

Can we get just one more addition to this series?

There are still some unanswered questions that I would love to have answered, from each installment of this series.

I mean, I could fill in the blanks, given the way you wrote each of the main characters and with what happens in the last two chapters of Hidden Chaos, but I seriously want to read it from your prospective. These are your characters after all, that’s all I’m saying, lol

Just know that you have an open invitation to return to The Stories Station Podcast anytime to talk about this series!

And for those of you that have not heard our first episode together, you can listen to it here.

As always, continue reading, continue writing, and continue loving the process!


Aspiring Voice Actor!

Yes, I am taking on another freelancing project.

I blame the pandemic!

Though, in all seriousness, this is something I have always wanted to give a try. And the minute I put it into the universe last week an opportunity presented itself.

I’m calling it kismet luck!

Yep, I am now setting up a page to begin my journey as a voice actor / narrator!

First (several) tasks, should I create socials for my new freelance job?

Where can I record?

Now that I am acutely aware of all of the internal and external noises around me these days, this one is going to take some ingenuity, lol

A part of me also wants to share some bts of my journey, for other aspiring voice actors. And so I can look back on the beginning of this experience to see how far I have come a year from now. Is that something you all would like to see?

In the meantime, I am reading my first story that I will get to audition for at the moment, looking up equipment (and prices, ugh! lol) as well as trying to figure out how to describe my voice.

That last one is much harder than I thought it would be, so I have turned to this read to get started.

Any voice actors and/or narrators out there that can offer up some stellar advice?

I’d love to hear it!

Continue reading, continue writing, continue loving the process.

-K. McCoy

Reader’s Delights

Now that I’m taking a small break from writing, I get to read for fun again!

I’m going to spend TWO WHOLE WEEKS lounging after work, in a pair of new onesies, with ebooks that are on my ‘must read’ list.

So I wanted to share with you all where I get my book fix these days.

In short, straight from the source (when I can)!

It just makes the experience more nostalgic, more enjoyable for me. Since I grew up in a time where book fairs, bookmobiles, and visiting local bookstores were the norm, I love finding my books this way. Nowadays it is almost unheard of, so I want to shoutout the authors and groups that are making it possible for me to do just that in between my writing breaks.

First up is Brookelyn Mosley!

I found her work while scouting for Romance authors to interview for The Stories Station Podcast and their whole vibe lured me in. As a fan of AA stories, novellas, and coffee mugs, it didn’t take long for me to rack up a nice wish list of books and merch over on her website, lol

Next up is Black Love Books!

I FLOVE that they have not only AA Romance, but IR and Multicultural Romances – AND in different sub genres too!

My only not so good critique about this website is that there seems to not be an option to buy the eBooks directly from the author. But that’s okay! What I plan to do is find the authors online, see if I can buy the book from them, and then after reading their stories I’ll go back to BLB and leave my reviews there (since that is how I came across the story).

So, that is how I like to unwind from writing – by reading!

What are some of your favorite books to read these days? Let me know in the comments and if I like them, I’ll be sure to let you know!

“Continue reading, continue writing, continue loving the process.”

-K. McCoy

Dear ______ Readers…

The featured image is click bait, and I am NOT sorry for using it!

Besides, I write romance and think it is high time that more guys join the chat and admit to enjoying a romance read too!

Now I’m starting to see why most authors find a genre and stick with it.

I love writing romance.

Though I now have stories that spread out of the general romance box and am trying to find out how to label them for future readers. It is really starting to stress me out!

My catalog right now is…okay.

With each new published work, I feel like I’m finding my footing within this indie author journey.

That’s great!

Though after doing an author inventory and realizing what my release work will look like in the next few months, I decided to start working on which sub genres some of these stories would be classified under.

Ya’ll…I am confusion!

Over the pass few days I’ve been working on writing blurbs for each of the stories, and that helped a little. Though now I turn to you wonderful (and hopefully wiser, lol) readers.

Here is a bit of an idea of what I have on my release bucket within the next year:

More MAGIX (eyeroll at this obvious mention, lol)!

An AA (Contemporary?) Romance (not entirely clean, but not Sweet Seducing Sighs smoochie times either).

A Second Chance (?), Star Crossed (?) BWAM Romance (both with their respected BFFs and somewhat k-drama inspired villains’).

And my very first attempt at a novel (my first ‘baby’), A Coming of Age, Music (Industry) based story, set in the South.

Again, I love writing romance, so there are elements of that in all of these stories. Though nowadays, readers want to know more about what they are walking into when it comes to reading a story and I want to deliver that aspect. I’m just not sure what sub genre these stories will fall into!

I would love to know what you all think, so feel free to leave a comment.

Or if any of these future releases have you curious and you’d love to be apart of the journey to see it published, join us over at The Stories Stations.

Until next time readers!

“Continue reading, continue writing, continue loving the process.”

-K. McCoy

Paid Reviews are a Thing now…

Firstly, I can understand the hustle, but I can’t condone it one bit.

As a rookie author, you might find yourself tempted to ‘get them numbers up’, but I am telling you (insert Jennifer Hudson from ‘Dreamgirls’ gif) – please don’t do it.

Cutting corners will not help you find readers.

I don’t use the big A to distribute my work, but even I know that having paid reviews on that website is a big no no.

It does take time to find your readers, but I cannot tell you how incredible it is when you finally do!

Do you want one of your first interactions with readers to be about how you paid someone $25 to write a review of your story, because you wanted to seem more ‘accomplished’ or ‘legit’?

All you will end up doing in the end is telling them that you are not to be trusted and have no problem with taking the easy route when things look bleak.

Don’t sell yourself short!

Please, put in the work and find organic readers. They will soon leave you reviews, I promise.

In the beginning, I shared my stories with friends and fellow authors, who in turn told others about MAGIX and Sweet Seducing Sighs. Months passed before I got a review (from someone that wasn’t a close friend, lol) and it was AWESOME!

I say all this to say, however tempting it is to take someone up on their offer to write a review for you for a fee, I sincerely hope that you do not accept. In the end, if you are serious about your authorship and want to give your stories a good chance of being read by readers who will come to appreciate and anticipate more of your work, just say no (respectfully, lol).

K. McCoy, PSA to Book Reviewers ‘For Hire’

Continue reading, continue writing, continue loving the process.

-K. McCoy

The OG Authors

Over the last month, I’ve been spending more time thinking about the authors that I grew up reading, like Zane and L.A. Banks, to name a few.

When I committed to writing back in 2016, I aspired to be like them when it came to my work. Clearly, I ain’t going to cut it.

For one, I feel that my writing is still lacking. To improve, I have decided to take a few more writing courses. And I will (COVID willing, lol) be attending the 20Books to Vegas this November for the first time, which I am super excited about.

Also, I don’t write too much outside of the IR Romance genre.

Well, I don’t have much published outside of said genre. This led me to the heart of that matter, which is that in this day and age, and the way I chose to pay the bills (as an online English tutor) I can’t write the stories that I want to under K. McCoy.

So I won’t.

After coming to terms with that decision, I decided to focus on sorting out my wip folders, and I almost fell over at the number of unfinished stories inside!

As of today, I have 18 NOVELS that are labelled as ‘works in progress’.

For the stories that I will write under K.McCoy, that number becomes 12.

Just NOVELS folks! I’m not including the one shots or novellas.

After doing that, I was seriously wondering how did my favorite OG authors write all of their works? I had spent so much time romanticizing their struggles, wishing that I could write in the same type of environment that they did, that I almost became ungrateful for the technology that I have at my disposal.

Having to look for a usb? Ha!

Sounds way better than looking for 3 or 4 pages missing from a 300 page manuscript.

Book formatting denied again by Smashwords? Pfff!

Loads better than having to submit my stories by post.

Figuring out my own marketing and social content schedule each month? And?!

Easily less stressful than having the fate of my work in the hands of a publishing company with several other authors to manage.

So, yeah, I am going to keep at it.

No one said that being an indie author would ever be easy anyway.

Though I do have it on good authority that being an indie author, learning as I go, with the help of my fellow author network and readers that like my work – all of that makes it so worth it!

Continue reading, continue writing, continue loving the process.

– K. McCoy

K. McCoy, Screenshot of Future MAGIX (IG) Reel

MAGIX is Ready for a Comeback!

While updating my WordPress with snippets of the latest installment of the MAGIX series, I remembered that the first book debuted just a little over TWO years ago!


The first year I spent thinking to myself, “Do I really want to keep going with this?”

Not like I had much of a say, since the main characters wouldn’t leave my head, lol

Soon after that, more characters begin making their presence known. The second year was the pandemic, and with my dream job behind me in Korea, let’s just say that I had plenty of time to write.

And write I did!

MAGIX: Melodic Whirlwinds dives much further into my fictitious take on the K-Pop industry, and I hope that you all enjoy it. Writing for the rest of the series seemed to fly by after this second book, and I cannot wait to share what is in store for Mika, Ae Rin, Geegi, Izzy, and Xiao Mei with the world.

So, don’t be shy (shy, lol)! Let me know what your thoughts are on the story – now series.

Until then, 안녕 Hallyu Misfits!