K. McCoy’s MAGIX Series, 2022

This isn’t your average K-Pop Group.

Join the MAGIX STARZ fandom and come to know (and stan!) the ladies and gentlemen behind MAGIX and STARZ within K. McCoy’s Hallyu Series!


Hallyu: A Chinese term, which translates to ‘The Korean Wave’, refers to the globally popular South Korean entertainment industry.

Mika Collins, a fresh out of work English teacher in South Korea, has her otherwise quiet life turned upside down at the unexpected arrival of her wildly outspoken yet lovable childhood friend Isabelle McGrant.

After one random night on the town, Mika and Isabelle spark the curiosity of a struggling actress and the three are joined together with a secretly struggling agency and two other girls that have their own personal plans -which do not include being apart of a ‘gimmick’ girl group.

Will the new group rise to stardom, or crash under the Hallyu wave?


MAGIX: Melodic Whirlwinds

The world now knows their name, but will the girls remain the same?

As the ladies from the international and multicultural kpop group MAGIX continue to gain popularity, more than just the neitzens are curious to see what their next moves will be – on and off the stage.
While clashing creatively with key members of The Rising Moon Agency, moves may be happening sooner than what anyone was ready for on both sides.

Add in a visit from a mysterious former k-pop singer looking to build their own empire, along with a chaotic member from STARZ, and it all could spell doom for the budding girl group.

MAGIX finds themselves trying to do all they can to avoid getting caught up in the latest whirlwind within the Hallyu industry.

Though for one member of MAGIX, a secret that they have been keeping is finally exposed.

Will it be the undoing of the group?

Or will it help in bringing the girls together to rise to the top once more?


MAGIX: Dulcet Duets (Coming in 2023!)

It’s time for MAGIX to take the lead – on and off the stage.

The new ‘it’ K-pop girl group receives news that could change them forever.

What will they do to make sure that they remain the quintessential quintet girl group within their agency?

Hasoo Kim, the power hungry CEO of The Rising Moon, finally tracks down the person responsible for stealing away his prized staff, only to find that it is the one who first broke his heart many years ago.

STARZ, the chart topping K-pop boy group, set their sights on their comeback tour in Korea, before their leader enlists in the military and one member in particular is hoping that MAGIX comes along for the ride.

Can the former ‘gimmick’ girl group make sweet music once more?

Or will their chances of going further end on a sour note?


MAGIX: ___________________(The Finale?)

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