Morning Campers!

Happy Camp Nanowrimo!

This is my first time taking part in Camp Nano – can you tell?

I decided last year to use Camp Nano to revisit some of my older works, you know, to see if I could revive them into proper stories. Maybe breath life into several novelettes, novellas, or…novels!

Though as I prepare to do that, the thought of re-reading the stories that I wrote prior to becoming a self published author is setting off my cringe alarms.

Maybe I should call this month ‘Camp Cringe’?

I’m going to try to reserve self-judgement until after I read my first three attempts at a novel. I mean, technically they ARE novels, I just didn’t have money for editing and shelved them (sorry of my life, I know, lol). One is a standalone music/coming of age (sound familiar?) story. I started working on the sequel to it back in the day but stopped because it got dark. Now I’m ready to go there – thinking of making it another long novel (50k+) by combining both stories.

Then there is my first attempt at a multi-characters story. It’s an AMBW, music, and romance story with a full fleshed out sequel! And when I decided to re-visit my work for Camp Nano, it was the first one that came to mind – really hoping I can salvage it y’all! The main reason why I shelved this one was that I thought no one besides me would want to read it. Back then, I really, really, REALLY wanted to share this story with the world because I thought it would be the first of its kind. Spolier alert – it ain’t, lol

I mean, the main plot would be (as far as I know) the first of it’s kind, but a AMBW romance novel is commonplace – I just didn’t know it back then. Now that I know that there are people who may want to read this story, I’m excited af to get to working on it again!

Be sure to join The Stories Stations for more details on the stories that I’m re-visiting this month, as well as a bonus excerpt to the ones that I’m going to move forward with publishing.

And happy Camp Nano to all you authors participating this April!

“Continue reading, continue writing, and continue loving the process!”

-K. McCoy

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Author. Blogger. Aspiring Photographer. Creative Freelancer. Podcaster. Not looking to take over the world, just to explore as much of it as I can and share how I feel through each creative medium that makes me happy.

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