20BooksVegas 2022 Prep!

Registration is now open for 20BooksVegas! Let the prep work begin!

Calling forth all my resources, in the event that I decide to cash in my chips and go all in on this author conference in Vegas again.

I will be holding nothing back as far as my finances and budget for this trip, in hopes that it helps another fellow author do the same.

Right now, I make annually less than $1k as an indie author so I have to be exact and up front about every nickel and dime that I bring in from my work. Because the numbers don’t lie and I do not want to be twisting in the wind, hollering my would’ve, should’ve, could’ve’s into the sky when it’s all said and done.

K. McCoy’s 20BooksVegas Budget Board

Yeah, attending the event virtually is looking real good right now.

But, November is 10 months away!

I can make this work. The best plan of attack for this kind of price tag is installments.

We’re going to take it step by step, quarter by quarter.

And lots, LOTS of freelancing projects to raise the coin.

Couldn’t have said it better myself Tim Gunn!

First up, the registration. Makes sense to knock this one out by the end of the first quarter, as there are not many tickets available for the event. So, if I’m going to this shindig, I have to pay that $300 no later than March.

Next up, the flight (some may say room and board, but remember, I have a plan!).

Thanks to airfordable, I can make a deposit on this and then pay the rest in small installments. All while securing the most affordable price!

Setting this up no later than April is a given.

Now, let’s take care of the hotel.

I’m hoping that by now 20BooksVegas will have provided us attendees with a code to book our stay. Not sure what the deposit will be, but that gets paid first, no later than August (if I have a great few months of freelancing, I’d like to pay it in May). After that, I will begin saving $30 a week on a SEPARATE card to pay for the entire week’s stay at Bally’s.

Because I refuse to not be able to pay that fee at check-in.

As for my daily budget, I have decided to bump that up to $75 a day. Last year it was half that amount and I’m sure prices/fees will go up between now and November. I don’t plan on going to any shows, and any meetups that I do attend will probably be at the hotel (with the exception of a formal dinner at Hell’s Kitchen) so that should be fine.

Now, this last part gets a little fun – Author Signing Day!

Do I want to do it? Yes!

But I am still growing my audience, and the little audience that I do have is not in the city of Sin (which is why I didn’t do it last year).

Though the thought of having my own author booth and meeting my favorite authors at the same time won’t leave my head.

So I have included an author booth into my plans as well! It’s a small fee in comparison to everything else, which means just one weekend of online hustling will cover it.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Now, to share or not to share?

To save costs, I’m totally down to share a booth with a fellow romance author (so slide into my DMs *cough* The Lunchtime Chronicles Crew *cough*)

Right now, I have a strong back list and two scheduled releases to present at the event. But I really am not trying to lug a ton of books back home! From what I observed during last year’s author signing, this is really a time to network and support fellow authors. I suppose those are the two reasons why I want to do it too.

So, I am planning to bring no more than 50 books –

As well as QR e-book post card options and swag bags for everyone that I give (did I mention that I’ll be giving out a few freebies to my fave authors throughout the week?)

List of books from author K. McCoy that will be available during the 20BooksVegas Author Signing.

Right now, the ‘under construction’ book is still in the writing stages.

As I currently have a series to complete, a sequel to finish writing, and a new series starting, I’m still not sure which book I will have completed to add to this line up.

But one thing I do know is that I’ll also have swag to give out for everyone!

To promote A Dove’s Cry as the ‘main novel’ at my booth (and to give a nod to Soprano Speaks, Volumes One and Two) I will have Dove chocolate at the table.

But just like my books, I will have limited chocolate at my booth, because if it isn’t gone by closing time I will eat it all. I’m thinking 1 or 2 pounds max, because I do not want to end 20BooksVegas in a cocoa coma!

Did I leave anything out? Probably.

But I still have time to make adjustments to this plan, and so do you fellow authors!

Next post about 20BooksVegas will be either me bowing out of the in person event, or fully committing to the trip, so stay tuned!

And if you are feeling inspired, charitable, or supportive, please buy me a cup of tea here.

“Continue reading, continue writing, and continue loving the process.”

– K. McCoy

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